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    Australian Financial Planning Organization is a boutique style Financial Planning firm based on the Gold Coast.

    We work for our clients to insure their happiness and peace of mind.

    We want our clients to succeed to achieve their goals of financial freedom and better financial direction.

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      One way to achieve financial freedom

      A financial plan creates a timeline for you to follow and for someone to help you in achieving your financial goals. As an idea, start by investing in those things that increase in value with time and that pay an income or return rather than in things that lose value and pay you nothing. The more income you receive the less work you’ll have to do. Isn’t that what we all want? Life makes us busy and we can sometimes lose focus on the bigger picture; that of financial security and how to achieve it.

      Better manage your money

      Through money-management and your financial advisor you can work together in reallocating extra money to such things as paying your debt off sooner, having more investments and even minimising your tax. If we compare your financial plan to any plan, say for example an exercise plan, you will always be more focused and be more likely to succeed if you have direction than without it. A plan prepares you for the bigger life events and through your adviser and cash flow management you will be in more control.

      Do I need a plan?

      What do you have to lose… To review your financial situation and discuss some options that could make life better for you it’s completely free of charge. Unless you can see the value in it and can see that it can improve your financial situation and your lifestyle you’ve lost nothing except a bit of your time. Remember like anything in life if you have a plan it makes you… Prepared and focused.

      Create a Better Life

      Debt Reduction

      Business Planning

      Grow your Superannuation

      Reduce your Taxes

      Slide Getting Started S & H Vanvelzon Australian Financial Planning Organistation were fantastic!They made us feel very comfortable and were approachable at all times. Patrick understood all our needs and provided us with accurate information, advice and ensured all our insurances, superannuations & financials were effective for our future. Slide Operating a Business R & L Crane The understanding we now have puts us in the perfect position to keep working and not worry about the ‘What IF’ and if we have any questions he always has the answer or he will dig until he gets an answer in writing to ensure that we have the knowledge required to make the best informative decision and with this I cannot tell you the peace of mind we now have for our future knowing that we have the best cover for us both. Slide Growing Your Family JS Townsend My husband and I recently used Pat Dysart to review our personal insurances and make recommendations as to whether we had appropriate cover in place.Pat and his team provided a very high level of service and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others. Slide Thinking of Retirement J Sloman Patrick Dysart has been assisting my husband and I with our finances for several years. We had invested in property and required advice leading up to retirement. We have found Pat to be reliable, meticulous and insightful regarding economic and personal advancement. Slide Nothing is to Complex Debbie & Darryl A Patrick Dysart was recommended to us when enquiring via friends & colleagues for someone to help us sort out our financial situation. We had found ourselves getting closer to retirement age but with a fairly complex financial situation including a challenging investment property and a SMSF and with no idea how we were going to ever afford to retire. I was stressed to the max but Patrick, very patiently went through every detail with us, and helped us work out where we wanted to be and then put together a plan to help us get there. Pat has always made himself available to answer any questions, no matter how trivial.

      He has honestly been a shining light in a very difficult time for us.
      We would highly recommend Patrick Dysart to anyone seeking financial advice.

      Make preparations on time

      A plan is all you need

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